Dictionaries and verb conjugators

At So easy Spanish! the conjugation of some verbs is provided. Only the most used Spanish verb tenses are featured. 

If you want to know the conjugation of any verb or the meaning of any word, here are some useful links:


The dictionary of the RAE (Real Academia Española). The most reliable site. However, it is only in Spanish.

Type the word/verb, press Enter and you will see the blue button “Conjugar” on the left of the word. If you click on that button, you will be given the conjugation of the verb.

This dictionary also has a free verb conjugator. It's not perfect, but very useful.


Dictionary and conjugator.

Spanish phonetic transcription

When in doubt about the pronunciation, check it out on this site.


Conjugación: conjugation.
Conjugador de verbos: verb conjugator.
Diccionario: dictionary.