All you need to know about Medicare supplement plans

If you ask yourself a question what is a Medicare Supplement plan, you should know they covers all services covered by original Medicare as inpatient care in hospitals, as well as nursing services in special medical care institutions, hospice and home care services.

Eligibility for the Medicare supplement plan G 2019 is easy to determine.

Most of the permanent residents or US citizens aged 65 or older are eligible for free insurance in case of hospitalization under the program (Part A).

At the age of 65, an applicant is entitled to receive subsidies for the program if he meets at least one of the following conditions:

  • receives or has the right to receive social security benefits;
  • receives or has the right to receive pension benefits for railway workers;
  • spouse of the applicant (alive or dead, as well as ex-servicemen), worked required amount of time in a public service, on which Medicaid taxes were withheld;
  • financially dependent on insured deceased child.

If someone is unable to meet these requirements, it is still possible to get this hospitalization insurance by making monthly installments.

What are Medicare supplement plans?

This part offers different plans that are provided by private insurance companies approved by Medicare. Essentially, these plans are an opportunity to receive benefits and services covered by Medicare A and Medicare B plans. Most plans are covered by Medicare D prescription drugs.

If you are participating in program (Part A and B), you can join the Medicare benefits plan. Preferential plans are provided by private companies and are approved by Medicare. When you join one of the plans, you do not need an additional Medigap plan.

Documents you need to provide social insurance services

  • Original birth certificate (birth certificate) or two other documents confirming the age: a school record, vaccination record, an insurance policy, hospital admission record or state certificate the State census record.

You can provide a copy of birth certificate if it is certified by a certified agency,

  • A document proving that you are a US citizen, or any official document that proves your legal migration status if you were not born in the US,
  • A copy of document indicating that you served in the US Army (who served until 1968),
  • A copy of W-2 form and / or a self-employment tax return if you worked for yourself.

All original documents will be returned.

Also, do not forget to prepare information about yourself to fill out your application.