Family members in Spanish with audio

Learn how to name your relatives in Spanish with the following chart (find audio below).

Family members in Spanish with audio. Visit  #español #learnspanish

Listen and repeat:


Please, note that:

-Niño can be translated as boy or child (we don’t specify the gender).

-Equally, hijo and nieto can also be translated as child and grandchild, respectively.

-Pareja can mean a couple or your partner, as in the chart above.

-Spanish nouns usually add an –s to form the plural.


Mi madre se llama Ana.       
My mother is Ana.

Tengo dos hijos y cuatro sobrinos.                    

I have two children and four nephews and nieces.

Mi abuela tiene 92 años.

My grandmother is 92.

No tengo marido. Mi pareja es Juan.

I don’t have a husband. My partner is Juan.