The ñ in Spanish with audio+ keyboard tips

The ñ in Spanish + audio + keyboard tips. Visit  #español #learnspanish

Spanish is one of the few languages that have the ñ in their alphabet. English speakers find it very difficult to pronounce it. Its pronunciation is similar to ni in “onion”. In this article we shall give you many translated examples (with audio), as well as keyboard tips to write the ñ.

Sentences (find audio below)

Mi niño tiene un año.                                          My son is one year old.

El ñu es un rumiante.                                          The gnu is a ruminant.

Voy a bañarme.                                                   I’m having a bath.

El señor Iñaki es muy mayor.                                Mr Iñaki is very old.

Mi cuñado se llama Íñigo.                                     My brother-in-law is Íñigo.

¡No me riñas!                                                        Don’t tell me off!

Ahí hay una araña.                                                There’s a spider over there.

Tu baño es muy pequeño.                                     Your bathroom is very small.

Tengo sueño.                                                        I’m sleepy.

Las niñas son pequeñas.                                         The girls are small.

Listen and repeat

How to write the ñ in English keyboards

Please, note that this is not a comprehensive list.


ñ:  push Alt+164

Ñ: push Alt+165  


ñ: push Option+n, then n again.

Ñ: push Option+n, then N.

Touch screen keyboards

The usual way of writing the ñ is to push for a while the n key. You can also set up Spanish as the main language in settings.