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"Español con ritmo" songbook by Ricardo González. Visit  #español #spanish #learnspanish

Songbook and text by Ricardo González.

In this songbook, we propose to adapt songs to the student. For this, I have written the lyrics of the 10 songs, adapted the vocabulary to fit your Spanish level, told the history of every song and included useful grammar. Music professors have created the melody and voice to fit the words, giving you a fun, educative piece of music!

These songs have a rhythm and easy musicality, and are fun to listen to, being very similar to radio songs. I wouldn’t be surprised to find some of these songs on Best Of lists! Furthermore, every song is accompanied by exercises for the purpose of learning and practicing grammar, vocabulary, and understanding the content of the song.

For the teacher

Soon to be an indispensable tool in the classroom, this book is the most enjoyable way to teach Spanish. It contains suitable material for rapid, fun improvement in the language. With ten songs, exercises, and grammar explanations, all integrated into the music, this method is everything you need for levels A1 and A2. I provide you with the lyrics adapted to the students’ level, good music, each song covering a specific grammar point. Moreover, it comes with many exercises that will facilitate the class preparation. The song lyrics will serve you to amplify the students’ vocabulary and understanding of verb forms and tenses with ease. 

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