Spanish False Friends: "actual" and "actualmente"

Spanish false friends: actual and actualmente. Visit  #español #learnspanish #language

False friends are an important issue when studying a foreign language. All of us have sometimes mistaken meanings. You have to learn from your mistakes, so as not to make them again.

The Spanish adjective actual does not mean actual in English. Likewise, actualmente is not the equivalent of actually. Their meanings are:


Actual: present, current.

Actualmente (en la actualidad): presently, currently, at present, now, nowadays. 


Actual: real / mismo.

Actually: en realidad, la verdad es que / incluso.

Let's see some examples to illustrate these false friends (find audio below): 

Este es mi trabajo actual.

This is my present job.

Los lunares son la tendencia más actual.

Polka dot is the hottest trend now.

Actualmente tengo 37 años.

I'm 37 now.

La verdad es que Ana no es mi novia. Es solo una amiga.

Actually, Ana is not my girlfriend. She's just a friend.

Creo que es un caso real.

I think it's an actual case. 

Vino aquel mismo día.

He came on that actual day.

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