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Dates in Spanish follow the ascending order pattern: day + month + year

The most usual pattern mixes numbers and letters. Months are not capitalized:

25 de julio de 2014.                                    25 July 2014 / July 25, 2014.

Cardinal numbers are used:

Veinticinco de julio de dos mil catorce.         25th July 2014 / July 25th, 2014.

The definite article “el” is widely used before the day:

Salimos el 15 de enero.                                We are leaving on 15th January.         

The preposition “de” must be placed between day/month and between month/year:

Hoy es  17 de marzo de 2015.                      Today is March 17, 2015.

There are some ways of writing abbreviated dates. Hyphens, slashes and points can be used. The month can be in Roman numerals. The year can also be abbreviated (2014 -> 14). Remember to follow the pattern day-month-year.

Some ways of abbreviating March 17, 2015:

17-3-2015, 17/3/15, 17.3.2015, 17-III-2015, 17/III/15...

Examples (see audio below):

¿Qué día es?                                               What’s the date today?

Es lunes.                                                    It’s Monday.

¿A qué día estamos?                                    What’s the date today?

Estamos a lunes, 17 de junio.                      It’s Monday, June 17.

Llámame el jueves.                                     Call me next Thursday.

6 de febrero de 1953.                                  6th February 1953.

19 de abril de 2000.                                     April 19, 2000.

31 de marzo de 1889.                                  31st March 1889.

2 de octubre de 2011.                                  October 2, 2011.

5-6-14                                                         6-5-14 / 5-6-14

Listen and repeat:

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