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Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is called San Valentín or Día de los enamorados in Spanish. In Spain, this feast is not so celebrated as in English-speaking countries. However, on this day many people give their partners a gift as a token of their love. 

I thought that I could share some phrases for this day. Well, you can use them everyday :)

WARNING: Think twice before saying these phrases.

Te quiero.                                                I love you.

Te amo. (more intense)                              I love you.

Me gustas mucho.                                      I like you very much.

No puedo vivir sin ti.                                  I can’t live without you.

Cásate conmigo.                                         Marry me.

Quédate conmigo.                                       Stay with me.

¿Me quieres?                                               Do you love me?

Valentine glossary:

Enamorado: Valentine.

Tarjeta de San Valentín: Valentines card, valentine.

Rojo: red.

Corazón: heart.

Beso: kiss.

Besar (verb): to kiss.

Amor: love.

Amar, querer: to love.

Regalo: gift, present.

Bombón, bombones: chocolate(s).

♥ ¡Feliz Día de los enamorados! ♥

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